Big data analytics challenges

Big data analytics have wide range of benefits though use of it often creates different challenges:

Data Accessibility: Storage and processing of larger amounts of data become more complicated. Big data should be stored and maintained appropriately to confirm that it can be used by easily by less experienced data scientists and analysts.

Maintenance of Data quality: High volumes of data are emerging from different sources and in different formats. For big data management it requires substantial time, effort and resources to maintain it accurately.

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Benefits of using big data for businesses

Big data is beneficial for business decisions.

These are some of the benefits that businesses can get by using big data.

Customer Insight

To understand customer better, big data is required. The data can be collected through:

  • Sources of customer data, such as purchases and support calls
  • External sources, such as financial transactions and credit reports
  • Social media activity
  • Data from internal and external surveys

E-commerce activity is very useful in digital marketplace, focusing on how customers navigate through a company’s different webpages and menus to find products and services. Companies can have idea on which items customers added to their carts but eventually removed or later abandoned without purchasing; this provides notions what customers might like to buy, even if they don’t make a purchase.

Not only online stores, but physical stores can also provide useful understanding of their customers, often by analysing video to learn how visitors behave through a physical store.

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Big Data Analytics

What is big data analytics?

Big data analytics aims to analyse big data to reveal information — such as hidden patterns, correlations, market trends and customer preferences. That can help organizations make informed business decisions. In a broader sense data analytics provide organizations the technology to analyse data sets and gather fresh information. Basic questions on business operations and performance are well answered by Business intelligence (BI) queries.

Key big data analytics technologies and tools

There are different types of tools and technologies used to support big data analytics processes.

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Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing data from actions performed by users when they visit the digital product or service, such as an app or website. The method of tracking and analyzing user behavior in order to better understand what the users want from the product or service you cater is called behavioral analytics. With the collected data, companies can have idea about how users interacted with the digital experience, and make decisions about how to improve digital products in the future. Data generated from behavioral analytics can be used to improve your product, satisfy customers, and boost key performance indicators.

Examples of User Behaviors Relevant to Behavioral Analytics

  • Creating an online account
  • Filling out a form
  • Visiting Webpages
  • Purchasing a subscription
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Goodbye Internet Explorer!

With the retirement of Internet Explorer an era has come to an end after more than 26 years of service.

The announcement of the official retirement of Internet Explorer was made last year. The date was June 15, 2022, comes 26 years and 10 months (9,801 days, to be exact), after its release on August 15, 1995, back when the public-facing Internet was in its infancy.

The Journey

Internet Explorer 6 was released in 2001 around the time of the final settlement of Microsoft’s antitrust case, and it didn’t receive a major feature updated for several critical years thereafter. Internet Explorer was by then the dominant web browser.

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Impact of Technology on Real Estate Industry

Impact of Technology on Real Estate Industry

The selling and buying process of project units has now become easier with the advancements in technology. A single technological solution cannot be a substitute of the real estate industry, but rather the technology will propel changes in the industry. Innovative solutions such as ERP software solutions, applications will be the driver of real estate industry.
To remain in competition any real estate company must embrace the changes in technology. As the industry evolves, individual companies will compete to become leaders by offering real estate products and services that are well equipped with advanced technology.

Automation of Real Estate Operations : To remain in competition, real estate companies always try to increase efficiency and always focus on customer loyalty. Customer life-cycles are being closely observed by their back-office team from the very beginning. Customer relationship management, portfolio management and facilities management will enable real estate companies to address challenges such as cost efficiency and communication between different stakeholders.

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Common Areas of Inefficiency in Organization and Ways ERP can Help

Common Areas of Inefficiency in Organization and Ways ERP can Help

Businesses of all verticals prefer to go ahead of the competition and remain on the lookout for effective solutions that will facilitate its smooth and effective operation. Operational efficiency is critical to the growth and development of an organization and one of the prime factors behind the implementation of ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning System. Most business houses are turning to this system to enhance operational efficiency through integration of multiple organizational systems into a single program. ERP is actually a software solution made up of multiple modules linking information and departmental data with real-time update. Businesses get the opportunity to select from multiple modules on the basis of requirement. It is not necessary to buy all the modules at a given point in time but there are options to purchase while developing and expanding.

Manual Entry of Data

We all know that entering the data manually consumes a significant amount of time. Did you know that apart from being time-consuming, it also throws your company at risk? When the data is entered manually, it may not just contain errors but it may also cause road blocks in sending reports on time as well. Continue reading “Common Areas of Inefficiency in Organization and Ways ERP can Help”

Economic Advantages of Using Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Economic Advantages of Using Enterprise Resource Planning Software

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning Software is widely used by several companies nowadays to help track the events taking place in the inventory, sales and marketing and the finance departments. Enterprise Resource Planning is an application integrating the functions of the individual departments in a single application.

The ERP systems make tracking the workflow across various departments easier. They bring down operational charges involved in tracking and duplicating data substantially with the aid of the individual disparate systems. Regardless of whether you are considering the usage of ERP for business for the very first time or on the lookout for a solution that will help you integrate all your resources, we will tell you a few economic advantages that usage of ERP software can render. Continue reading “Economic Advantages of Using Enterprise Resource Planning Software”

Artificial Intelligence and ERP Solutions: An Overview

Artificial Intelligence and ERP Solutions: An Overview

All of you must be aware what AI or Artificial Intelligence is. It is the imitation of human intelligence procedures chiefly with the aid of machines. To be more precise, it is usually the computers. Adoption of next generation digital ERP solution is no longer just a solution, it is one of the core business objectives for the manufacturers. Artificial Intelligence will cast a significant impact on ERP solutions in the recent future. This will further allow the organizations optimize the operating model made with software applications, business procedures as well as technological infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence and Business

Artificial Intelligence is no longer simply a way to replace ingenuity and human knowledge. On the contrary, it works in the form of a support tool for the people making use of this technology. Though Artificial Intelligence is still facing a tough time to complete all the works in the real world, it is deft at processing and analyzing the data significantly faster than human brain. It comes with better decision making capability as compared to others. These traits make Artificial Intelligence valuable across several industries, regardless of whether it is just helping the visitors and the staff or performing a task like monitoring tractors and predicting the time it would need repairs so that a breakdown can be averted. Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence and ERP Solutions: An Overview”

Prepare Yourself to Welcome the Future ERP System

Prepare Yourself to Welcome the Future ERP System

The business houses are often run by the ERP systems. The ability of these systems are empowering the business houses of today and the future generation of ERP companies are presenting an array of opportunities to the business houses. A commendable ERP solution is integral to running a successful business today. According to a report by Gartner, a warning has been sent to the organizations saying that if they fail to plan properly, the ERP costs may go absolutely out of control. This will be more of a problem realized by most organizations.

Next-Generation ERP

The present era is ruled by rapidly changing market, connected workers and empowered customers. For the implementation of new business capabilities, it is significant to be flexible, agile and come with the capability of measuring the return on investment in weeks. The agility and speed of business are tested not just in terms of meeting the expectation of customers, but also by the ability to meet new opportunities. It is kind of a race to find the tools that will aid in serving the customers offering them proper visibility, breaking down communication barriers and driving in more efficiency. With the present age ERP software, there is little need to wait patiently suffering the major upheaval of old style ERP implementation. Today, it is possible to focus on the key business initiatives right in the order of priority decided on. Continue reading “Prepare Yourself to Welcome the Future ERP System”